CCTV and Security Systems

CCTV and Security Systems

Security today is essential. Having the right level of security can provide a significant deterrent but also provide invaluable peace of mind, whether this be at home or work.

The use of CCTV supported alongside the internet or network systems enable individuals to access their CCTV almost anyway in the world. This facility enables clients to use CCTV in a variety of manners, whether this be to monitor and provide security to a property, manage health and safety or personnel issues.

Door entry control is another worthwhile tool for clients needing to monitor access to their property. At A.D.E. Electrical Solutions we are able to advise, install and maintain a range of access systems such as Paxton, keyboard entry systems, magnetic locks or video entry applications.

With more affordable and high specified applications now available, A.D.E. Electrical Solutions is confident we can provide an appropriate level of security to your premises.

Give us a call to discuss the individual requirements for your home or commercial outlet, and we can quickly and neatly install what you require.