Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

We offer a range of emergency lighting services to suit the needs of your business, including installation, testing and maintenance.

If a fire was to occur within your premises this often leads to an outage of power. This is why emergency lighting is vital within a building as you want to be able to find a means of escape quickly and safely. If your power was to fail emergency lighting will remain on and will illuminate for around 3 hours. Once the power supply is back on it will then recharge.

We can provide many types of emergency escape lighting from illuminated fire exit signs to floor-level lighting. It is now law that all premises have adequate emergency lighting installed so that everyone within the building can make a swift exit even if the building layout is unfamiliar to them.

We can adapt all emergency lighting to the specific layout of your building, and there are many different types available to meet your needs.

Commercial Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency Lighting Installation
  • Emergency Lighting Repairs
  • Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance

Illuminated Green Emergency Exit Signs

Located above a door these are generally what we are all familiar with and will highlight the nearest exit.

Bulkhead emergency lights

Commonly installed in the ceiling and will provide adequate light to the emergency exit passage. A.D.E Electrical Solutions have the expertise to guide you on how many would be required to ensure maximum benefit.

Once installed it is imperative that the emergency lighting remains fully functional. Monthly testing needs to be carried out to ensure the safety of your employees or occupants in an emergency situation and that health and safety regulations are met. To do this, you would need to mimic a mains power outage. By isolating and turning off the lighting circuits, or by having a test switch installed you will be able to test them adequately.

A.D.E Electrical Solutions can also carry out Monthly ‘short duration’ and Annual ‘long duration’ (drain) emergency lighting tests for your establishment and take remedial action where necessary, ensuring that your building remains compliant.

Emergency lighting helps to keep everyone safe so always ensure that you have it installed and keep it maintained.