Landlord Certificates

Landlord Certificates

Landlords must ensure their property is safe for all tenants by having an inspection carried out every five years or in some circumstances when a tenant vacates.

As a landlord it is their obligation to ensure an inspection is undertaken. It is a legal requirement that landlords hold a valid landlord safety certificate for each rental property that they own. Landlords must provide a copy of the EICR (Electrical Installation Condition report) to their tenant, and to their local authority or insurance company if requested.

Landlord Certificates FAQs

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A landlord electrical safety certificate is when an electrician, engineer, or other ‘competent person’ tests the electrical installation in a rental property to ensure it is working correctly.
Components of the electrical installation that will be inspected and tested include -

  • Light fittings
  • Wiring
  • Consumer unit (fuse box)
  • Socket outlets (plug sockets)
  • Permanently connected equipment to include showers and extractors.

These can deteriorate and become faulty over time which can cause electric shocks and fires.

Electrical examination of the property will determine the condition of the electrical wiring throughout the property and will thoroughly check the safety of the electrical installation.
The inspection will determine if:

  • any electrical installations are overloaded
  • there are any possible electric shock and or fire hazards
  • any of the electrical work is deemed faulty
  • there is adequate earthing or bonding

After testing, an ‘Electrical Installation Condition report’ will be issued. This will have details of the inspection and testing carried out, along with any recommendations for remedial action. Most importantly it will state if the installation is considered satisfactory. If the result is unsatisfactory, you will be required to ensure faulty circuits are repaired and retested within 28 days.

Yes, the electricity will need to be switched off for short period, so the tenant will need to be advised if the property is currently let.

If you purchase a property that has been newly built or completely rewired, you do not have to get an electrical safety certificate. The Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) can be used in place of an electrical safety certificate for five years.

ADE Electrical Solutions Limited will be able to advise you on this as it will be dependent on the size of the property. It is important to factor in that additional costs will be incurred if the property is deemed unsatisfactory.

The current regulations do not cover electrical appliances, only the fixed electrical installations.

Here at ADE Electrical Solutions Ltd we also carry out PAT testing for all portable appliances that landlords provide their tenants with. Tenants are liable for ensuring their own electrical appliances are safe. It is advised that PAT testing is to be completed frequently to ensure all electrical devices are safe for use. Frequency will be determined by the class rating of the appliance.

As a member of NICEIC if you are seeking a knowledgeable and highly experienced engineer to carry an electrical safety inspection ADE Electrical Solutions can help. Contact us today and ensure that the property is compliant.