Illuminating the classroom with LED lighting

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We recently undertook an LED lighting upgrade for a local primary school. Throughout the school, the LED panels have proved to be a versatile lighting solution. LED lighting solutions offer numerous benefits for improving the learning environments in schools and classrooms.

Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools

  • Increased focus and concentration
    LED lights provide brighter and more focused illumination compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. This enhanced lighting makes it easier for students to read and engage with their materials.
  • Reduced fatigue and eye strain
    Poor classroom lighting can cause fatigue and eye strain. LED lights, with their glare-free and consistent illumination, help alleviate these issues. Unlike fluorescent lighting, which can lead to headaches and compromised vision, LEDs create a more comfortable environment for learning.
  • LED lighting is eco-friendly and cost-effective
    With a low maintenance and eco-friendly design, the LED panels will offer a long lifespan and reduce the need for frequent replacements. The energy-efficient features will potentially save the school up to 60% on energy costs compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.
  • Premium Lighting Quality
    LED lighting contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in classrooms. By closely mimicking natural sunlight, LEDs positively impact both students and teachers. They deliver high-quality light with excellent colour rendition and minimal glare. They are flicker-free, emit no harmful UV or IR radiation and are low glare UGR<19. providing a comfortable and safe school environment.
  • Smart Lighting
    LED lighting systems can incorporate smart sensors and controls. These features allow schools to adjust lighting levels based on natural light, occupancy, and time of day, further enhancing the learning environment.
  • Easy Installation and Compatibility
    LED lighting is a direct replacement for existing fluorescent luminaries, seamlessly fitting into the suspended ceiling grids, within the school saving time and effort during setup.

By enhancing focus and concentration, reducing fatigue and eye strain, creating a pleasant ambience, and embracing energy efficiency, LED lights positively impact both students and teachers.

LED Panels are a perfect lighting solution suitable for educational settings, offices, retail stores and homes.
Illuminating the classroom with LED lightingBromsgrove-based ADE Electrical Solutions has the expertise to assist you in choosing a trusted brand that will ensure you obtain good quality lighting that is reliable and has a long life. As the demand for LED lighting increases initial costs are beginning to fall making LED a cost-effective solution.
LED lighting for schoolsIn addition, we can help you to consider the size and layout of your premises, lighting design, current installations, and the overall electrical infrastructure. Contact us to today and let us see how you can gain the benefits of LED lighting.