In an emergency would your lighting be compliant?

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ADE Electrical Solutions offer a range of emergency lighting services to suit the needs of your business, including installation, testing and maintenance. Emergency lighting has become a standard safety feature of modern buildings. The law now requires businesses to have backup emergency lighting that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. Emergency lighting, as other electrical installations, requires maintenance and periodic testing.

We can provide many types of emergency lighting from illuminated fire exit signs to floor-level lighting. We can also adapt all emergency lighting to the specific layout of your building.

Regular electrical testing needs to be carried out to ensure the safety of your employees or occupants in an emergency situation and that health and safety regulations are met. A building must have adequate illumination to support escape and identify firefighting equipment. Due to emergency light systems being so important in the process of protecting building occupants and highlighting escape routes and firefighting equipment, it is essential that emergency escape lighting is regularly tested and maintained to ensure that in the event of a failure of mains power, the lighting works correctly and escape routes are effectively illuminated (escape route lighting).
In an emergency would your lighting be compliant?
Your emergency lighting must be tested by a competent person (ideally a qualified electrician) due to the important nature of the system in ensuring occupant safety in the event of an emergency.

The frequency in which you should get your emergency lighting tested can vary depending on system type (i.e. maintained emergency lighting or non-maintained), but as a general guide, you should aim to get your emergency lighting system tested monthly, in addition to an annual long duration test.

The monthly emergency lighting tests are a short functional test simulating failure of the mains power supply which ensures the lamp switches on and illuminates correctly. Luminaires should be free from damage and clean. The test should be done using the secure device key, commonly called a fish key due to its shape. The fish key should be used rather than switching off the mains lighting power, which may be hazardous to other occupants. A record of all monthly tests must be kept, including any faults which should be reported to the responsible person to ensure that appropriate remedial action can be taken.

ADE Electrical Solutions can carry out Monthly ‘short duration’ and Annual ‘long duration’ (drain) Emergency lighting tests for your establishment and take remedial action where necessary, ensuring that your building is compliant.

All our installations are compliant with the British Standard for emergency lighting. Our professional and specialist team offer a quality assured service from initial meeting through to design, installation and completion. Our quotations are simple, clear and provided without obligation.

Whether you need commercial emergency lighting or industrial emergency lighting, ADE Electrical Solutions of Bromsgrove can help.